Karim Jawad, a Bahraini car enthusiast and the first certified Land Rover Lead Instructor in the Middle East and North Africa region, shows us his dedication to building the first-ever Land Rover Experience centre in the region from the ground up.

    The 'My Journey, My Inspiration' series is the driving force behind Land Rover’s MYLAND creative communications platform and is a collaboration between the brand and inspirational achievers from the region who have shaped their land. The achievers, from Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain and the UAE, all share one thing in common: inspired by the culture and heritage of their land, they have succeeded in truly going above and beyond in their accomplishments.

    One of the first individuals to play a role in the success of the centre located at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), Karim was on-site from the project’s very first day back in 2004.

    Pairing his passion for his land and love for cars, Karim helped shape a blank piece of land in the heart of the Sakhir desert to become what is now the off-road track at the Land Rover Experience Centre.

    Fully invested in this project, Karim describes the exciting journey that led to the success of the centre: “The whole track took about 400 days to complete, from desert to the comprehensive facility it is now.”

    Dedicated and diligent, Karim says: “Whenever I start designing a track, I have to visit the site myself. I then draw it out on a piece of paper and trace the location’s route in my car. Many people will tell you that cars weren’t designed for this type of off-roading, so we take them on a ride and show them first-hand what Land Rover cars can do.”